Dr Lazaros Mavromatidis

Associate Professor Dr Lazaros Mavromatidis (born on 1984) is an Architect-Engineer from NTUA (National Technical University of Athens) in Greece (2007). He is actually member of the GCE research team (Energetics and Civil Engineering) ICube Laboratory/National School of Applied Sciences of Strasbourg (INSA) and teaches building physics in the Department of Architecture of the National School of Applied Sciences (INSA) of Strasbourg. He holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from the National School of Public Works (ENTPE) and the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon, Lyon, France (2011). To conduct his PhD research he was awarded the prestigious Grant of Excellence of the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation in Greece. He has contributed as a first author to many publications in peer reviewed referenced journals and in international conference proceedings. He has two major fields of research: one is related to the design and development of experimental platforms for innovative building envelope thermal characterisation coupled to dynamic numerical simulation of transient thermal and aeraulic phenomena, the other is related to the development of optimization algorithms for computational morphogenesis purposes based on hybrid multi-objective optimization at an early design stage. As part of his research work, he has developed a sophisticated numerical tool for multilayer composite envelope optimization and thermal forecasting.

Associate Professor INSA de Strasbourg