Eliana Cangelli, architect, PhD in Architectural Technology

Eliana Cangelli (1967) _ Architect, PhD in Architectural Technology, Professor in Environmental and
Technological Design at Sapienza University of Rome, she is Councillor of the Chamber of Architects of
Rome, Vice President of Eurosolar World, Member of the Scientific Board of Architectural Technology.
Responsible Synthesis Laboratory in Environmental Design, Director of the PhD Program in Environmental
Design from 2009 to 2016, former Director of Masters in Architecture and Sustainable Technologies Bioecological
Environment and also a member of the scientific committee and a Masters professor since 2000.
She has frequently been a member of committees for the implementation of European Regulations in the
environmental field (Min. Environment, ISPRA).
Silver medal at the 2006 Global Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction (as environmental designer) in
2015 various prizes for the project activity include: finalist in team with Paredes Pedrosa and Labics at the
International Design Competition for the neighbourhood surrounding the City of Science in Rome (2015), the
Honorable Mention at the Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition (2015) with Labics, and finalist always in
team with Labics Architects at the Architectural Competition for housing in Cascina Merlata, Milan (in
Assigned Scientific Director and Designer of local authorities and private companies, for business
outsourcing and technical and scientific advice for environmental sustainability and energy Masterplan and
projects [Strategic Plan of Fiumicino West Romano Area (2010), Redevelopment of the coast of Senegal
(2008), Urban Centrality in Torrespaccata (2013), Social Housing in Muratella (2013), Urban Planning
Program in Ponte Galeria (2014), Recovery of the Tobacco Factory in Naples (2014)].
Principal Investigator of researches on Environmental and Energy Design funding by European Community.
She has worked on these topics with the Architectural Association in London, the University of Nottingham,
the Catholic University of Louvain, the Technical University of Munich and the Budapest University of
Technology and Economics (EDUCATE, Intelligent Energy Europe, www.educate-sustainability.eu). She
was the Italian Coordinator of MIPAA research - Interactive Multimedia Platform for Appropriate Architecture,
EU Asia IT & C financing and coordinator of the Environment Group in the area of appointments at La
Sapienza for the Master Plan of the city of Khartoum (Khartoum Planning Project - KPP5). The Scientific
Director for La Sapienza Project on Important National Interest in 2009 entitled ‘Eco Power Parks’ and she is
currently the Principal Investigator on the EH-CMap project: Advanced Training on Energy Efficiency in
Historic Heritage, EU funding for Erasmus + Strategic Partnership (www.eh- cmap.eu).
Promoter and scientific director of architectural international workshops including: Power Tower (2009) with
the Technische Universität München; Atelier International d'Architecture (2010) with La Villette, Tsinghua,
Hanyang and Gyeogsang (Korea); Urban Design Workshop with the University of Arkansas, the Auburn and
Philadelphia University (2011); Super Solar Studio (2013) with the University of Liechtenstein.
Promoter of meetings and conferences, the author of numerous national and international publications,
monographs and essays in class A journals, and editorial coordinator and project manager of the new AR –
a quarterly in-depth magazine on Architecture of the Order of Architects of Rome.